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map of NF/SGVHS service area showing locations of facilities in North Florida and South Georgia

Gainesville VAMC Telehealth Program

A number of specialty care clinics and education sessions are provided to OPC and CBOC patients via Telehealth from the Gainesville VAMC. These include Psychotherapy, follow-up Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) counseling, Diabetes Management and Speech Therapy as well as Smoking Cessation, Substance Abuse/Addiction and Diabetes group education sessions. Also, the Visually Impaired Services Team (VIST) Coordinator meets with veterans in CBOCs via telehealth to plan and coordinate needed care and services.

Lake City VAMC Telehealth Program

Dietitians at the Lake City VAMC provide individual nutrition counseling via Telehealth to patients in St. Augustine and Valdosta CBOCs.

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