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North Florida/South Georgia Veterans Health System

Examples of Clinical Video Telehealth (CVT)


CVT Clinics

Speech Therapy – Speech Therapists from GVAMC provide speech therapy to Veterans at the CBOCs closest to their homes.

Clinical Video Telehealth

Nutrition Counseling, Individual – Nutritionists at the Lake City VAMC provide individual nutrition counseling to patients at Community Based Outpatient Clinics.

Infectious Disease – ID specialists at the GVAMC provide follow-up care to Veterans in remote outpatient facilities.

Tele-Rehab – rehabilitation specialists (Physical, Occupational, and Recreation Therapists) at LCVAMC provide care/services to selected patients at rural Community Based Outpatient Clinics.

Tele-Neurology Consultations – Neurologists at GVAMC and LCVAMC provide neurological consultations for Veterans at rural Community Based outpatient clinics.

CVT Clinical Education

Diabetes Education Group – An ADA certified Diabetes Educator and Nutritionist located in Gainesville collaborate to provide diabetes education to Veterans at the Community Based Outpatient Clinics.

MOVE Nutrition – a Dietitian at the Ocala CBOC collaborates with Psychologists and Social Workers at CBOCs to facilitate weight loss education sessions for Veterans.

HTN/ Lipid Group – A Nutritionist at the GVAMC provides education to groups of patients at CBOCs - Marianna and St. Marys.

Diabetic Healthy Eating – a group education session offered to Veterans at CBOCs.


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